Dioxychlor's BactiBarrier™ stabilised nano bubble disinfection chemistry in a convenient tablet form. Add to water to create an instant disinfectant nano-emulsion.

Our team at DioxyLabs formulated our BactiBarrier™ range of disinfectants to be the gold standard of disinfection.  

Our disinfectants utilise the power of advanced nano-gas disinfection chemistry (NGD). By utilising Dioxychlor's BactiBarrier™ pre-cursor instant disinfectant tablets we are able to create a nano emulsion of gas bubbles in water that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and leaves zero chemical residue's after use. Saving you time, ensuring your safety while contributing to the environment around you.

Our BactiBarrier™ submerged nano bubble chemistry holds significant advantages compared to traditional disinfectants. You can see the following advantages below:


Dioxychlor's BactiBarrier™ comes in a convenient tablet form. This means you can store the equivilent of 100 litres of disinfectant in a matchbox. Additionally being in a tablet form removes the need of measuring liquids, freeing up time and eliminating frustration.


Works under the entire pH spectrum. Our NGD™ chemistry uses microbubbles to deliver the disinfectant to the target. Our disinfectant does not need to be dissolved in the first place. It works regardless of pH.


Our NGD™ chemistry leaves zero chemical residues after use. The micro-bubbles disperse into the air and break down into Oxygen after use. Leaving no trace of the disinfectant. This means it is safe to use on sensitive surfaces, area's and equipment and is suitable for any process  that is required to do MRL testing.


Dioxychlor's BactiBarrier™ leaves no stone unturned. Due to the small physical size of our nano-bubble disinfection chemistry, Our disinfectant is able to get into every nook and cranny and make contact with any germs hiding in small crevices or other area's where traditional disinfectants could not possibly reach. Our NGD™ technology ensures maximum kill rates in the minimum amount of time.

Optical chemistry.

Unlike other disinfectants that are colorless and difficult to see, our disinfection micro-bubbles are yellow in color. You can easily see if the micro-bubble's are in the solution. Yellow means the disinfectant micro-bubbles are present. over time the micro-bubbles pop and the water returns to its normal color. A micro-bubbles lifespan is 5 days at 20°C or 68F. 


Dioxychlor's BactiBarrier™ is non-toxic. This is partly due to its ability to be a selective oxidant. This means that our disinfection bubbles will only react with germs and not with other living organisms. What this means is unlike Chlorine that attacks everything in its environment, BactiBarrier's NGD™ chemistry only targets the pathogens you are trying to kill.


Dioxychlor's Bactibarrier™ requires less than 120 seconds to eliminate all Bacteria, Viruses, mold, yeast, mycobacteria, protozoa,  spores, Fungi and bacterial spores making it one of the fastest acting, broad spectrum disinfectants on the market today. 
•99.999% Kill Rate in suspension (Air) 
•99.999% Kill Rate on surfaces 
•99.999% Kill Rate in water

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